Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Proposed Themes For BI Trends 2011

Business Intelligence remains a top priority for companies. A successful BI has a positive impact on business performance, helping companies make better decisions at every level of the business from corporate strategy to operational processes. There are several trends in the BI area, recently I commented on this issue in a guest blog post for the TIBCO Spotfire's BI Blog. Boris Evelson also wrote a post on this issue in his Forrester's blog, where he made a list with the major themes for BI in 2011:


- Emphasis on business ownership and data governance
- Combining top-down performance management, with bottom-up approaches
- Emphasis on change management
- Loosely coupling data preparation vs. data usage
- Different treatments for front-office vs. back-office users and applications
- Using a hub-and-spoke model for data architecture and organizational structures
- Using Agile development methodology
- Working with SMEs
- Using BI on BI and aligning BI with incentive comp
- Achieving tangible BI ROI
- Providing self-service capabilities to end users


Technologies to make BI more automated:

- Automated information discovery
- Making BI contextual
- Full BI life-cycle automation
- Automating decision management

Technologies to make BI more unified:

- Logically unifying data sources
- Unifying structured data and unstructured content
- Unifying disk and streaming data
- Unifying historical, current, and predictive analysis
- Unifying complex data structures
- Unifying BI, DW, ETL, and ERP metadata

Technologies to make BI more pervasive:

- BI within processes
- BI within the Information Workplace
- Self-service, which includes BI SaaS
- Offline/disconnected
- Mobile

Technologies to reduce BI limitations:

- Adaptive data models
- Unlimited dimensionality
- Exploration + analysis
- Elasticity via cloud

And last, but not least:

- Technologies to enable BI self-service
- Technologies to make BI more agile

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