Monday, March 31, 2008

Business Intelligence Competency Centers

- Business Intelligence Competency Centers: A Team Approach to Maximizing Competitive Advantage - Gloria Miller, Dagmar Brautigam and Stefanie Gerlach

In this book, the authors explain the concepts, the reasons to establish and how to plan and implement a BICC in a company.

They define the BICC as a cross-functional team with defined tasks, roles, responsibilities, and process for supporting the use of BI across a company, mentioning the main challenges to implement a BI and how the BICC can help in this process.

They divide the challenges to exploit BI in six categories:
Data, Technology, Process, Strategy, Users and Cultural.

They also define five reasons to establish a BICC:
- Preserve and exploit the full value of technology investments
- Integrate and consolidade business and analytical intelligence process and initiatives
- Reduce overall risk of implementation projects and project realization
- Support business users in fully understanding data and acting properly and analyses
- Ensure that BI knowledge (BI values, concepts, and technology) is shared throughout the organization

As the three authors have been working in SAS, of course the point of view and the case studies of BI and BICC are based in the vision, tools and customers of SAS.

Good book, with interesting concepts and ideas to help the companies to drive a well implemented BI.

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