Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit - Second Edition

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit - Second Edition - Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross, Warren Thornthwaite, and Joy Mundy

In this second edition, launched in January/2008, Ralph Kimball and his team from Kimball Group, updated the Kimball Lifecycle methodology, defined in the book's first edition. They refined the methodology, based on their experience in training, consulting and developing, always focused in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence applications.

The Kimball Lifecycle methodology provides a general framework that connects all the necessary activities of a DW/BI implementation. They explain, step by step, all the sequence of tasks required for an effective DW/BI project, covering: Project Planning, Project Management, Business Requirements Definition, Technical Architecture Design, Dimensional Modeling, Physical Design, ETL Design and Development, Designing and Developing BI Applications.

The book is a complete and detailed roadmap and must be read for all professionals that designing, building and implementing DW/BI Applications.

Another excellent book by Mr. Kimball and Team.

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