Sunday, May 25, 2008

Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management

Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management - Bob Paladino

Bob Paladino wrote an excellent book, the book offers an approach for the design,development and implementation a strategic planning, integrating several methods to optimize results, with dozen of best practices and detailed case studies, using examples from both private and public sector organizations.

He organizes the book in nine chapters, three chapters are the introduction, the principles definition and barriers to strategies implementation; five chapters to the principles (one chapter to each principle) and a final chapter with diagnostic and CPM research resources.

He talks about why the most companies fail to implement strategies, explain the four barriers to strategy implementation, based in the results of research conducted by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the creators of Balanced Scorecard Methodology: vision, management, resource and people.

The five key principles are:
1 - Establish and deploy a CPM Office and Officer
2 - Refresh and communicate strategy
3 - Cascade and manage strategy
4 - Improve performance
5 - Manage and leverage knowledge

He explains in details each principle and how to implement the concepts to apply the principle. For each principle there are best practices cases.

He also argues the necessity to create the CPM office (Principle 1) as the focal point to translate strategic intent to operational actions.

This book is an excellent guideline and works like a lighthouse to people that want to implement a successful performance management in their companies.

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