Thursday, May 22, 2008

Successful Business Intelligence

Successful Business Intelligence - Secrets to making BI a Killer App - Cindi Howson

In this book, Cindi Howson describes about all the issues to define, develop and implement a successful Business Intelligence project.

The book is well structured, she divides the subjects in chapters, and focus on both business and technical.

She starts talking about Business Intelligence from the Business side, and in the book her concerns about business issues is evident, she talks about: the business-IT partnership, executive support, BI Steering Committee, Business Intelligence Competency Center. I agree with her, the business issues are very important for a BI project.

The book has an interesting chapter called "The LOFT Effect", where she defines four factors to implement a successful BI: Luck, Opportunity, Frustration, and Treat: the initials of LOFT.

All the chapters have a section, with best practices and tips about the subject mentioned. She always also mentions real-world case studies.

Cindi Howson is an expert on the BI industry and it is an excellent book with practical advice to implement a BI project.

Highly recommended reading for everyone involved with BI, from executives, businesspeople to BI Managers, Analysts and Consultants.

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