Thursday, May 22, 2008

Text analytics with IBM OmniFind Analytics Edition

IBM published a good article, in its Developerworks site, entitled From text analytics to data warehousing, where it explains its product for text analytics called IBM OmniFind Analytics Edition.

According the article, a brief definition of Text analysis: "is the process of enabling computers to extract meaning from text", and also: "Text analytics enables you to extract more business value from unstructured data such as emails, customer relationship management (CRM) records, office documents, or any text-based data."

Text analysis enhances a wide variety of applications:

The article defines the product as: "IBM® OmniFind™ Analytics Edition provides rich text analysis capabilities and interactive visualization to enable you to find patterns and trends hidden in large quantities of unstructured information. The text analysis results from OmniFind Analytics Edition are in XML-format and can also be stored, indexed, and queried in a DB2 database. This allows you to incorporate your text analysis results into existing business applications and reporting tools by using regular SQL or SQL/XML queries."

This article is a good explanation about text analytics and also how IBM's product works.

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