Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence

The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence - Steve Williams and Nancy Williams

In this book, Steve and Nancy Williams focused on to show the side business of Business Intelligence, explain that the BI is not mainly about technology and also how the companies should looking for to use the BI to improve profit and performance.

The book is organized in three parts, in the Part 1: Identifying and Leveraging BI-Driven Profit Opportunities, they introduce the terms of BI, show the BI opportunity analysis, and also key barriers and business risk.

The Part 2: Creating the BI Asset, they provide a business and technical overview that how to design, build, deploy, and leverage a BI environment, using what they called the BI pathway method, and how the BI should be business-oriented.

The Part 3: Leveraging BI for Profit Professional, they define more deeply how companies have used BI in different ways to drive profits.

All the chapters have in the end two sections: Key Points to remember and Think Tank, where they summarize the chapter, define tips and make questions about the subject of the chapter.

The authors wrote a very good book, where they show the direction to improve how the companies use the BI to achieve their strategic goals.

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