Sunday, May 25, 2008

BI by Google

Google is investing in Business Intelligence and integration with its products. In March this year, Google did a partnership with Panorama Software, to provide new capabilities to Google applications and Google Docs using Panorama Applications. Panorama has a Proactive BI Solution integrating analytics, reporting, dashboarding and scorecarding tools.

One month later, Panorama announced a new product, called "Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution for Google Apps - Cloud Computing Analytics for Business Productivity", creating a support for SQL Server Analysis Services using Google Docs. According Panorama: "By adding support for SQL Server™ Analysis Services, enterprise companies can now use Google Docs, the most powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) based spreadsheet in the world with its strong collaborative capabilities, to get more out of their enterprise data in new and flexible ways."

The Google's strategy is integration. The partnership with Panorama is important because BI is becoming operational, and the favorite operational tool is spreadsheet. How Microsoft domains the spreadsheet market with Excel, and many BI products use Excel as front-end, Google is integrating its Docs (mainly spreadsheet) with Panorama BI solutions.

Google also is researching new tools and how to integrate its tools, using the concepts of text analytics, web semantic, BI search, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others.

For example, the Google Analytics is an interesting tool to measure and manage the traffic in websites. You can see how visitors interact with your site, the number of accesses, the time in each page, pages more visited, where your website was accessed (geographical origin), and more others features. You have graphic visualization and can do drill-down in many features, for example, you can see the accesses in the world, and drill-down to country, state and city.

The BI market is changing quickly and Google wants to seize the moment. It is very good for the market and users.

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