Saturday, June 7, 2008

Informatica World 2008

This week happened the Informatica World 2008, an annual users conference promoted by Informatica Corporation in Las Vegas.

Informatica announced version 8.6 of PowerCenter for the end of June. It also includes Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition and new versions of Informatica Data Quality and Data Explorer. After had acquired Identity Systems, Informatica is working in a new identity management technology.

According Informatica, the version 8.6 delivers the industry’s first comprehensive platform with best-in-class technology in each of the following four categories:
- Real time, near-universal data integration within an enterprise
- On-demand data integration to retain control over outsourced, off-premise data
- Multi-enterprise integration to flexibly exchange data with partners
- Data quality solutions to gain confidence in all data

Lately, Informatica has bought other companies, and has positioned as one of the most important companies in the data quality and data integration scenario.

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