Saturday, June 7, 2008

New York Stock Exchange improves its Data Warehouse

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) improves its Data Warehouse, migrating its main data warehouse to Netezza Performance Server (NPS). NYSE replaces its Oracle data warehouse, after a successful proof-of-concept project on a Netezza Performance Server (NPS) in early 2007. According Netezza, the Netezza Performance Server (NPS) is a "architecturally integrating relational database, server and storage into the compact and power-efficient system, the NPS system delivers 10-100x the performance of traditional systems."

Steve Hirsch, NYSE's chief data officer, said that "it's very possible that we could hit 40 to 50 terabytes of data in a single query"; "just one of more complex queries took 26 hours on the old platform, but it now takes just two and a half minutes on Netezza Performance Server (NPS)" and also said: "We're not massive in terms of our user base, but we're pretty big in terms of the types of analytics and the time span of data that a single query might hit."

I think Stock Exchange is an area where is essential the performance and also it is important to apply the concepts of real-time enterprise.

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