Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Articles about Master Data Management

Recently, I have read several interesting articles related with the importance of Master Data Management for the companies. Some of them are:

Last week, the DM Review published, in its online edition, an article entitled The Intrinsic Value of Master Data Management, by Lyndsay Wise. In the article, she wrote the benefits to IT and business to build a MDM solution in a corporation.

Last month, Scott Lee wrote in online edition of BI Review, the experience in implementing MDM in the company where he works. In the article, called Master Data Management is a Program; he explains the adopted strategy, considering the MDM doesn't a single project, but a continuous program.

TDWI published last month, an article by Todd Goldman: Best Practices in MDM: Cross-System Data Analysis, where he wrote about Cross-system source-data discovery and data mapping, that he thinks being importants steps to a well implementation of MDM.

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