Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Abstraction-Translation Paradigm

Early this month, B-Eye-Network published an article called Business Intelligence Problems and the Abstraction-Translation Paradigm, by Malcolm Chisholm.

In the article, he writes about the Business Intelligence applications problems, and why he thinks that at least some of these problems seem to stem from the interaction of data and architecture.

He starts with this definition: "Enterprise information architecture is complex and consists of many different perspectives, each of which is valid in its own right. Unfortunately, no single perspective corresponds to the complete reality of architecture."

He explains the layers in the operational system and in the BI environment (Figure below) and he finishes with the implications of these difficult for BI.

I think to integrate the information in a company is a very difficult issue, and for it is necessary take care during all the process, checking if the business requirements have been well defined, and also developing in the IT professionals multiple skills, for what they can do their work but also understand what means the different perspectives to the whole process.

The Abstraction-Translation Paradigm:

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