Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some worrying issues about IT

Howard Dresner published today in his blog, an interesting post, where he wrote about his experience and learning on the road.

He wrote about three worrying issues:
- IT budgets are getting cut;
- Many people have difficulty in developing Performance Management initiatives;
- The inclination of companies to buy “yet-another-tool”.

I think the first issue may be due to the recession that round the American economy.

The difficulty in developing BI/PM initiatives is common in several companies, a sponsor with access in all business units of the company helps so much.

About the last issue, although several BI consultants are always talking about standardization, many companies still want to buy more tools; I totally agree with him, it is easier buy more tools than solve the real problem: a lack of management commitment and organization dysfunction.

I think currently the main challenge of BI/PM professionals (analysts, consultants and managers) is to revert those kind of issues, because those issues are showing clearly the difficulty in implementing a BI/PM project in the companies.

The professionals need to show and persuade the board of companies that a successful BI/PM project, using best practices, will allow the companies better management in their business.

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