Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Microsoft acquires data quality software company

Microsoft to acquire Zoomix, an Israeli start-up focused on data quality software.

Zoomix uses semantic and linguistic analysis "with machine learning" to automatically cleans data of redundant instances, analyzes and classifies data, and learns from its previous actions.

According Moshe Lichtman, vice president of Microsoft International and president of R&D in Israel, in the Zoomix's press release: "Zoomix will contribute a critical layer of data improvement to Microsoft's SQL Server Data Platform. This capability will enable organizations to meet the requirements of complex information systems, and to streamline business processes, and is therefore expected to have a great impact on the organization's bottom line."

I think the concern with data quality is one of the most important issues nowadays, and Microsoft did a good move to compete with IBM, DataFlux, Business Objects, Trillium Software, and Informatica.

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