Monday, July 28, 2008

Requirements Gathering: Don't Be Naïve

Today, Neil Raden (Smart Enough Systems) wrote an interesting article in Intelligent Enterprise, called Requirements Gathering: Don't Be Naïve.

In the article, he talks about what he thinks be wrong in the issue of business requirements gathering.

He has an interesting point of view and made me think about this issue. I agree with him when he said: "use experienced people who already have a good handle on what organizations like yours have done successfully", but I also know that is increasingly more difficult to find experienced people with those skills.

I think nowadays one of the most important challenges in BI projects is to find experienced people that have good skills to do the important work of business requirements gathering.


Neil Raden said...

I like what you said and I wonder if you were being a little sarcastic when you said what was needed was people who could do a good job. If so, I would counter that knowing something about the subject matter is a necessary condition. Being an expert with the tools is not.

If you weren't being sarcastic, well, I guess I'd answer the same way. LOL


Marcus Borba said...


I wasn't being sarcastic, if you thought it, could be because the nuances of language.

Best Regards,