Thursday, August 28, 2008

Distilling Raw Data into Useful Information

Industry Week published an article entitled Business Intelligence: Distilling Raw Data into Useful Information, by Chris Rafter, Vice President Consulting Services of Logicalis, where he talks mainly about the important issue that is the alignment between IT and the business.

He makes a question (and also replies): Are your business users able to obtain accurate, timely and reliable reporting information about how the business is doing? You often hear "Yes" from an IT manager, but you almost never hear "Yes" from a business manager.

He defines some opportunities to leverage BI on the company and he also makes some questions to help the definition to help the evaluation of the intelligence potential:
- Is your data quality at an acceptable level?
- Do you have a plan to manage your data to ensure quality?
- Can you rely on your data to make business decisions?
- Does your organization have access to all the reports needed?
- Can you easily see a 360-degree view of your customers?
- Can you afford to answer "no" to any of the above?

The summary of text is defined in this phrase: The disconnect between business managers and IT needs to be resolved before information can be distilled from data.

I think people need to understand their business issues before implement a BI initiative, aligning the business goals with the BI strategy, creating a solid partnership with the business and IT. The alignment between IT and the business is one of the most important issues that should be solved when the company is implementing Business Intelligence.

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