Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is Excel a Complete BI Solution?

Today, Rajan Chandras wrote a nice piece in his blog on Intelligent Enterprise, entitled Is Excel a Complete BI Solution?, where he poses some arguments about to consider Excel as a BI tool, based on Forrester report The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2008, with free copy courtesy of SAS. The report, written by Boris Evelson, does not include Excel as one of the 12 solutions.

Rajan asked: Should Excel be considered a BI tool, worthy of inclusion in surveys such as the Forrester Wave?

Boris is also the author of an interesting report last year on the use of Excel as a BI tool, called Ouch! Get Ready — Spreadsheets Are Here To Stay For Business Intelligence.

Boris Evelson wrote both reports, and answered in his blog.

I agree with Boris when he said: "I vote for Excel as a BI UI, or Excel as a lightweight, departmental or SMB BI solution. But stand-alone Excel cannot be one and only BI tool to fulfill complex and broad BI requirements in large enterprises."

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