Friday, August 22, 2008

Understanding Master Data Management and Service-Oriented Architecture

"How do you understand MDM from an architectural perspective - not just the products that implement MDM, but how the pieces fit together?". That is the Dan Wolfson's question, based on that successful MDM implementations involve more than just the right technology.

Dan Wolfson gave a podcast interview to SearchDataManagement last month, where he talks about:

- Learn more about the relationship between MDM and SOA and what value MDM systems can provide SOAs.
- Find out what many organizations reported about their MDM experiences, which inspired Wolfson and his colleagues to write the book.
- Hear what a "reference architecture" is and its relevance to MDM deployments.
- Learn two reasons why many organizations don't seem to be ready for the MDM technology being offered today.

For those interested in MDM and SOA working together, Dan Wolfson co-authored a book, with his colleagues from IBM Allen Dreibelbis, Eberhard Hechler, Ivan Milman, Martin Oberhofer,and Paul van Run, called: Enterprise Master Data Management: An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information

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