Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wireless recharging one step closer to reality published before yesterday, in its technology web page, an interesting news about wireless power transmission.

The news starts with the following phrase: "Imagine juicing up your laptop computer or cell phone without plugging it into an electrical socket."

According the news:
"That's a luxury that could be provided by wireless power transmission, a concept that has been bandied about for decades but is creeping closer to becoming viable.

Building off work unveiled last year by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, Intel Corp. demonstrated Thursday how to make a 60-watt light bulb glow from an energy source 3 feet away.

But this technology has a long way to evolve before it becomes a commercial product. In both the MIT and the Intel work, researchers used charging coils far too large for wide-scale use.

Even so, Rattner said Intel is in the early stages of trying to modify a laptop to accept wireless power. One challenge is figuring out how to prevent the electromagnetic field from interfering with the computer's other parts, he said."

After the wireless computer, the wireless recharging is a good news, because is boring when you are on move, and you need to look for an electrical socket to recharge the gadgets, and also always to remember to carry the wires.

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