Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Boulder BI Brain Trust

The Boulder BI Brain Trust is a good initiative, created by Claudia Imhoff and other DW/BI/PM experts.

In the main page, Claudia tells the reason of the initiative: "Over the years, I've met with dozens vendors one-on-one, and it occurred to me that these briefings would be better leveraged via a small, BI expert focus group/audience.

The Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) was born of that idea. The BBBT is a gathering of leading, local, BI consultants and experts who attend 1/2-day presentations from interesting and innovative BI vendors.

It's a reciprocal arrangement -- we get briefed on leading edge tools and technologies, and the vendors get pro bono access to us, including our ideas on where BI is going, our advice on their marketing direction and message, and our critique of their offering(s)."

In The Boulder BI Brain Trust's webpage has interesting podcasts and a blog with comments about the presentations.

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