Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can Web 2.0 save BI?

The Computerworld published a couple of days ago, an article called Can Web 2.0 save BI?, about the use of Web 2.0 technologies in BI applications.

Although the article is interesting, I didn't like the title, because I think the Web 2.0 are not saving the BI. The concepts of Web 2.0 working together with the concepts of BI are creating an evolution, called BI 2.0, a new generation of BI, more pervasive, intuitive, interactive, collaborative, process-driven, and also responsible for a new way of thinking. The BI 2.0 allows a BI for everyone and provides a new way for the companies improve their results.

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Eduardo Gonçalves said...

Yes Mr. Borba, the article is very interesting even the title. This is the BI helping the people direct in the streets, even the must people don’t have idea about BI. I think this is one of several BI role, avoid that worst happen. Congrats for your blog it’s nice.