Monday, September 15, 2008

Choosing BI, BAM or CEP

Intelligence Enterprise published a very nice article today, by Doug Henschen, where Gartner analyst Roy Schulte answered questions about event processing (EP).

Roy Schulte did several interesting comments:
- The event processing (EP) are coming in three varieties: low-latency BI dashboards, lower-latency Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), and ultra-low-latency complex event processing (CEP).

- The BI vendors are certainly moving toward BAM. If you put up a BI dashboard and you're refreshing it, say, every ten minutes, which you can do with any BI dashboard, then you are doing BAM with traditional BI tools. BAM is really a style of deployment rather than a distinct technology type, so I would say BAM can be done with traditional BI tools.

- When it comes to low-latency BAM, where you're trying to refresh the dashboard every few seconds, traditional BI tools aren't fast enough. That's when you need BAM products that are purpose-built to run fast.

- If you're doing something that involves a human being, you probably don't need CEP. People can't work that fast, so in those applications you may be able to use BI or BAM. When you're dealing with machine speeds, that's where CEP comes in.

- Customer experience management is a great use for CEP because you can't control it, you can't predict it, it's high volume and it's continuous.

- I'm excited about BAM — not necessarily the term "BAM," because most people don't use it, but the concept. I think this whole approach of creating dashboards and giving visibility to business people is such a big win.

I think the concepts and technologies are evolving dramatically, so you should consider carefully your need, choose the right technology, and start with the right architecture.

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