Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Corporate Decision Support Still Shaky

Today, Business Finance published an article called Corporate Decision Support Still Shaky. This article is about a new benchmark research survey from Ventana Research, sponsored by Business Finance. According the survey, many executives lack confidence in the effectiveness of their organization's analysis and planning processes and doubt the reliability of the data contained in presentations.

You can access an executive summary of the Ventana Research report (requires free registration).

I think when a company is implementing a BI/PM, one of the most important concerns is data quality. To be a successful BI/PM, the company needs to have data accurate, because it can have a Data Warehouse correctly modeled, a well implemented BI/PM using good tools, but if its data are not accurate, the company will make decisions using unreliable information. It is very important the companies create a policy of Data Governance.

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