Saturday, September 6, 2008

Frank Buytendijk announces his book called Performance Leadership

Frank Buytendijk announced yesterday, in his blog, that his book called Performance Leadership: The Next Practices to Motivate Your People, Align Stakeholders, and Lead Your Industry to came out.

It is a good news, because Frank is an experienced professional, and knows Performance Management deeply. He is Oracle's Vice President of EPM Strategy, and always writes good posts in his blog.

It is interesting how he announced the book, starting with the title of the post: Performance comes from Venus, Management from Mars. He described: "Performance has everything to do with passion, motivation, dedication, skills, teamwork. Performance is about People. Management is all about control, procedures, guidelines and regulations. Management is about processes and systems. In other words, Performance comes from Venus, and Management from Mars.

Seen this way, ‘performance management’ is a bit of a contradiction in terms. I have been exploring this idea for the last three years, and many of the posts in this blog have been inspired by this journey. And this journey has had a deliverable that I am very proud of…"

I am anxious to read this book.

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