Monday, September 29, 2008

How to Highlight Performance Shortfalls With End-User Intelligence

I read a good article in eBizQ, called How to Highlight Performance Shortfalls With End-User Intelligence, written by Lori Wizdo, Vice President of Marketing at Knoa Software. In the article, she talks about the concept of End-User Experience and Performance Management (EPM), a new category of software that give organizations a new focus on end-user adoption, utilization and performance, uniquely capturing a complete picture of the end-user experience and behavior, including:

1. Comprehensive application utilization metrics: which transactions are used, in what sequence and for how long?
2. Actual user-experienced response time metrics: which transactions are slow and inefficient leading to unproductive employees?
3. Comprehensive system, application and end-user error metrics: What critical errors do users encounter?
4. Where are users having specific issues, and what training is required? Which individual users need specific assistance?

She explains through a case of success how the use of End-User Experience and Performance Management can improve a Performance Management strategy.

She finishes the article with the statement: Corporate performance management is all about understanding the difference between what you've planned and what actually happens. If that understanding stops short of the end-user performance, this critical link in corporate performance is ignored, and no enterprise application will achieve its full potential. End-user experience and performance management solutions let your organization realize that potential by delivering an end-to-end analysis capability for an end to-end corporate performance management strategy.

The End-User Experience and Performance Management is more an interesting concept that is emerging in the Performance Management scenario.

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