Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oracle Open World 2008

Oracle provided this week its Oracle Open World 2008 (September 21st-25th 2008, Moscone Center, San Francisco, United States).

Using Oracle OpenWorld On Demand, you can watch the Sessions and Keynotes (requires free registration).

You can read about in the Oracle Open World's blog and wiki.

Below are some links with posts and comments by DW/BI/PM professionals:
- Mark Rittman's blog
- Blog: Look Smarter Than You Are
- Intellig Ententerprise
. Looking for 'Front-and-Center-ware' at Oracle Open World - Cindi Howson
. Questions Emerge On HP-Oracle Device - Doug Henschen
. Oracle Finally Answers Data Warehouse Challengers - Curt Monash

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