Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pervasive Business Intelligence: Are organizations really ready?

Search Data Management published an article last month, called Pervasive business intelligence: Are organizations really ready?, by Jeff Kelly, Search Data Management's News Editor, where he commented the new features launched by Business Objects, and questioned if the companies are ready to use pervasive BI.

According the Business Objects' executives:
"IT departments have invested huge sums to upgrade their data management and business intelligence infrastructure – building massive data warehouses, for example – and are anxious to capitalize on their investments by spreading analytics capabilities throughout organizations, and Business Objects is committing significant resources to making its tools easier for non-BI experts to use.
The challenge for us is to develop more and more applications that have analytics under the covers so the end user doesn't know there are in fact some algorithms going on behind the scenes."

I agree when they said: "For most organizations, extending BI and analytics capabilities to business users is, in fact, a significant cultural change. Even Business Objects customers that have embraced the concept of enterprise-wide BI recognize that making the transition requires considerable effort, namely employee training, both on the front and back ends."

I think the cultural change in the organizations is the main challenge to implement pervasive BI.

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