Thursday, October 30, 2008

B-Eye Perspective about Decision Intelligence

The B-Eye-Network, in its program called Beye Perspective, publishes monthly a radio program where business intelligence and data warehousing experts discuss news, mergers and acquisitions, technology announcements and other relevant industry topics.

This month, in the October Show, the experts talk about the recent Claudia Imhoff/Colin White article in which they coin the term Decision intelligence (I wrote a post about that), discussing whether BI is too closely associated with DW and it should be replaced by a new term. The experts also discussed if technology has (rightly or wrongly) outpaced human oversight and if business intelligence could have prevented the financial crisis.

The experts on this panel are: Richard Hackathorn, Claudia Imhoff, John Myers, Krish Krishnan, and David Loshin.

You can listen directly in the website or download as podcast (Mp3 file). B-Eye-Network keeps in the same page the previous radio programs.

This is an excellent initiative to publicize news, trends and technologies, and also a good opportunity to listen opinions from experts of BI Industry.

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