Saturday, November 8, 2008

Business Rules Forum and EDM Summit

The 11th International Business Rules Forum happened last week (October 26-30, 2008 - Buena Vista Palace, Orlando, FL) and with The first annual Enterprise Decision Management Summit co-located.

Here are some links with news, posts and articles about the Business Rules Forum and EDM Summit (James Taylor, Paul Vincent, and Sandy Kemsley did a nice coverage):

- Smart Enough Systems - James Taylor
. EDM Summit - some closing thoughts
. EDM Summit - Emerging Trends Panel
. EDM Summit - Day 3 Begins
. Predictive Analytics Produces Business Rules That Deliver
. Rules in tables, spreadsheets and diagrams
. EDM Summit - Day 2 Begins
. Rules and Process Management for Insurers
. Revenue Management
. Live from the EDM Summit - From Here to Agility

- Tibco - Complex Event Processing Blog - Paul Vincent
. Business Rules Forum 2008: on the Web, & Emerging Trends
. RuleML 2008: PRR and rules vs decisions
. Business Rules Forum 2008: Upper Ontology for Events, Processes, States, Rules
. Business Rules Forum 2008: Nearly CEP
. Business Rules Forum 2008: The Borat Marketing Award
. Business Rules Forum 2008: And one last thing…
. Business Rules Forum 2008: The BRE Vendor Panel
. Business Rules Forum 2008: Business Decisions from Real Time Events
. Business Rules Forum 2008: Agile, Optimization

- Column 2 - Sandy Kemsley
. Business Rules Forum: Kevin Chase of ING
. Business Rules Forum: Kathy Long on Process and Rules
. Business Rules Forum: Pedram Abrari on MDA, SOA and rules
. Business Rules Forum: Gladys Lam on Rule Harvesting
. Business Rules Forum: James Taylor and Neil Raden keynote
. Business Rules Forum: Vendor Panel
. Business Rules Forum: Mixing Rules and Process
. Business Rules Forum: Ron Ross keynote

- B-Eye-Network - Blog: William McKnight
. Business Rules Forum - Disney and their Data
. Business Rules Forum - Beyond Subject Matter Expertise

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