Friday, November 21, 2008

Interviews with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Recently, I read and watched two interesting interviews with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

The first is a video interview, for McKinsey Quaterly, where he talks about several subjects, divided in frames: Change competition, making money, the long tail, evolving management, the nature of innovation, and global standards. This interview was conducted by James Manyika, a director in McKinsey’s San Francisco office.

About innovation, he said: "Google's objective is to be a systematic innovator at scale. Scale means more than one. And innovator means things tha make you go, 'Wow'", and about the long tail, he said: "You can have a long tail strategy, but you better also have a head, 'cause that is where the revenue is".

The second interview, is for The New York Times, conducted by Miguel Helft. It is a Q&A Interview (it has a video too), where he talks about his plans for managing Google in a downturn, the unraveling of an advertising partnership with Yahoo, green energy and his support for President-elect Barack Obama.

I would like to highlight the below question, his answer is very interesting:
Q. Isn’t it less fun to run a company that has to watch its spending more carefully?
A. I think it is actually more fun. The reason is that it is very easy to be a successful executive in high-growth times. It is much more challenging, but in my view much more rewarding to be a leader in times where you have to make really hard choices.

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