Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Promise and Challenge of Role-Based BI

Tomorrow, November 6th at 3PM ET, will happen a live Web broadcast presentation entitled The Promise and Challenge of Role-Based BI, provided by DM Review and hosted by Eric Kavanagh with Jim Ericson, in its program called DM Radio.

According DM Review: "The promise of Role-Based BI is nothing new: delivering targeted intelligence to business users throughout an organization, thus empowering them to make informed, savvy decisions that positively affect the bottom line. Likewise, the challenge remains the same: finding a cost-effective way to deliver meaningful intelligence to an array of business uses, whose information needs vary widely.

Today, a confluence of several key factors makes Role-Based BI more plausible than ever. Pricepoints have come down dramatically over the years, not just for BI solutions, but for their underlying database and integration technologies. Meanwhile, Software-as-a-Service continues to gain in popularity, due to its ease-of-access, affordable cost and negligible implementation time. Additionally, more and more business professionals now know about, and appreciate, the value that BI can deliver.

Tune into this episode of DM Radio as we talk to the experts about the role of Role-Based BI, and how it can help your organization. We'll hear from Forrester Analyst Boris Evelson, and two special guests, Cloud 9 Analytics Founder Swayne Hill and Cognos executive Jacqueline Coolidge. Attendees will learn:

- Key considerations for exploring Role-Based BI
- Best practices for leveraging SaaS solutions
- Hot spots for Role-Based BI within an organization
- How Role-Based BI can help companies transition to Pervasive BI
- Why MDM helps facilitate Role-Based BI"

In the DM Review website, you can register for this live Web broadcast.

You also can check out the DM Radio archives to hear previous programs with a variety of other issues.

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