Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Data Warehousing in a Tight Economy

Tomorrow, December 18th at 3PM ET, will happen a live Web broadcast presentation entitled Loaded for Bear: Data Warehousing in a Tight Economy, provided by DM Review and hosted by Eric Kavanagh with Jim Ericson, in its program called DM Radio.

According DM Review: "As fears of a global recession mount, forward-looking companies know they can rely on a strategic asset to weather the storm: their enterprise data warehouses. Armed with a mountain of transactional data, these organizations can more quickly and easily determine where the sweet spots are, whether for products or services, across virtually any industry.

Register for the this episode of DM Radio to hear from some of the biggest names in the data warehousing business. We'll talk to Bill O'Connell, IBM's CTO for Data Warehousing, David Stodder, VP of Research for Ventana, Phil Francisco, VP of Product Management for Netezza, and a special guest. Attendees will learn:

- Strategies for leveraging a data warehouse during a slowing economy
- Innovative ways to encourage use of an EDW
- How to incorporate partner and third-party data for additional value
- Which technologies could be disruptive
- Trends to watch for 2009 and beyond."

In the DM Review website, you can register for this live Web broadcast.

You also can check out the DM Radio archives to hear previous programs with a variety of other issues.

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