Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Letter to Santa Claus

Rick Sherman has a different and fun way to comment what he thinks should change next year in BI area: he writes a letter to Santa Claus.

He starts the article commenting: "I've written letters to Santa before requesting gifts that data management and data warehousing managers would appreciate. With the current economic climate, many business intelligence (BI) managers, are putting together their wish lists for Santa. How many of these things are on your list?"

He writes like a little boy asking a gift: "Dear Santa, I think you'll agree that I deserve more than coal in my stocking. I've been a good BI director all year (actually for years) by working with business people, my development staff and my peers on our BI projects."

And he asks: "Could you use your holiday magic to help out with this wish list? All I want for Christmas is:" (This is a summary of his list, he comments about each item in his article)

- Business groups to commit more time (not capital budget) to our data governance efforts.
- IT management that will accept some new and more cost-effective approaches to BI.
- An adequate training budget to enable my staff to increase their skills, knowledge and, ultimately, productivity.
- More disclosure on partnerships and payments between vendors.
- Software pricing that does not inhibit pervasive use throughout our companies.
- Help us rationally deal with using many BI tools in our company.

I agree with his list and I hope Santa Claus meets his wishes.

He published the article in Search Data Management and you can read about the previous letters in his blog.

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