Monday, December 1, 2008

Management Excellence

In July of this year, Frank Buytendijk introduced the concept of Management Excellence in his Oracle's blog and launched The Journal of Management Excellence.

He wrote: "Organizations should recognize that the competitive differentiation of operational excellence is diminishing, and that a new competitive wave has started. Organizations should extend their focus on cost, quality and speed, to including being smart, agile and aligned.

Creating management excellence is the goal of performance management.

Management Excellence is going to be a very important theme for Oracle EPM the coming year."

In October, he launched the issue #2 of The Journal of Management Excellence, with a very nice article about the Office of Strategy Management by Robert Kaplan and David Norton.

Today he posted a link to download four white papers about Management Excellence:
• “Management Excellence: How Tomorrow’s Leaders Will Get Ahead” introduces what management excellence means, and describes the Oracle management process framework called Strategy to Success (S2S)
• “Management Excellence: The Metrics Reloaded” discusses the performance indicators that organizations should focus on when they adopt Strategy to Success
• “Management Excellence: From Strategy to Success” details the S2S processes and introduces a blueprint to map your own management processes
• “Management Excellence: Techniques and Technologies” highlights important techniques that an EPM System must offer in order to support Strategy to Success.

Oracle is doing a great work and those are excellent materials about Management Excellence.

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