Monday, December 22, 2008

Nine Predictions for 2009 (not what you think)

Tom Asacker published a post in his blog, where he told about his article called Nine Predictions for 2009. Both post and article are interesting.

In the post, he wrote: "Someone once said that the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Which one will the challenging New Year draw out of you? Do you want to know?

Every person has both the dog of optimism and the dog of pessimism inside of them. The one you see most often is the one you feed most often. It really is that simple. I truly hope that you feed the hopeful one in 2009 - the one with the bright, shining eyes of possibility - and live a life of passion, not pretense."

About the article, you should read to take your own conclusions. How he said in the title of the post: not what you think.

Niels Bohr said (and Asacker quoted): "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future." By the way, he likes to quote people.

He also published some books, his latest book is:

A Little Less Conversation: Connecting with Customers in a Noisy World

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