Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Presentations at Google

I like so much the initiative of Google, where they call eminent persons for presentations at Google, and they record and publish the presentations on You Tube. There are several presentations with different kind of people, like: Daniel Goleman, Bob Woodward, Paul Krugman, Barack Obama, John McCain, Noam Chomsky, Marshall Goldsmith, Henry Kissinger, and others.

They separate using the tags: authors@google, leading@google, women@Google, candidates@Google (before the president election, they interviewed Barack Obama and John McCain)

In the Google Author Series (authors@google), I would highlight the presentations of the following authors:
- Ian Ayres
- Don Tapscott
- Chris Anderson
- Steve Wozniak

This is an excellent initiative, because sharing the videos, they enable the people watch good presentations with nice content.

Thank you, Google!

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