Monday, March 2, 2009

Journal of Management Excellence #4 is out

Frank Buytendijk commented in his Oracle's blog that the new issue of Journal of Management Excellence is out. The title is Creating Value.

Frank said: "Creating value is the most important objective of every organization, but it is also the hardest to define. Creating shareholder value is perhaps the most tangible way of looking at value creation. We can look at the market capitalization, net present value of expected dividend streams, and the share price. Maybe the fact that it is relatively easy to measure and calculate shareholder value has been an important reason behind the popularity of the concept. But because something is easy to measure doesn’t mean that it is the right measure of success."

There are several interesting texts and commentaries in this issue:
- Connect Enterprise Performance Management Processes to Drive Business Value - Ivo Bauermann, Senior Director, Business Development, EPM
- Commentary: If You Are Ready, Now Is the Time! - John Kopcke, Senior Vice President, EPM
- The Need for Profitability Management - VJ Lal,Director, Product Strategy, EPM
- Commentary: The Complete Value of an Enterprise Performance Management System -Thomas Oestreich, Chief EPM Strategist
- Centraal Boekhuis: Creating Value by Delivering Business Intelligence as a Service - Emiel van Bockel, Manager Information Services, Centraal Boekhuis
- Guest Commentary: The Overinstrumented Enterprise - James Taylor, CEO and Principal Consultant, Decision Management Solutions and co-author of Smart (Enough) Systems
- True Value Index: A Measure for Sustainable Business Success - Frank Buytendijk, Vice President and Fellow, EPM
- Industry Insights - Mark Conway, Director, EPM Alliances and Research

The Journal of Management Excellence is a nice initiative from Oracle, where they are publishing very good materials about Business Intelligence and Performance Management.

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