Wednesday, April 8, 2009

EPM.TV, the new site with Performance Management content

EPM.TV is a very nice initiative created by the Oracle's EPM experts Frank Buytendijk and Thomas Oestreich, to share and publicize content about Enterprise Performance Management and Management Excellence. According to the welcome message: "the site that will completely change the way you look at managing your business."

They separate the issues by topic: EPM TV, Social Media, EPM index, Resource Centre and Events.

In the topic of EPM TV, you can watch videos with presentations, debates and interviews. In the Resource Centre has whitepapers, journals and customer case studies to download. According the site, the EPM Index is where "the businesses in Europe and North America are assessed on their ability to unite management processes and information systems to form a consolidated view of the business. The research for the EPM Index was conducted by analyst group Quocirca, and asked 800 business decision-makers in Europe and North America to rank their organisations on the processes and accuracy of information governing six distinct areas: the stakeholder environment, market model, business model, business plan, business operations and business results."

You need to make a free registration to access the EPM.TV content.

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