Friday, May 1, 2009

The Business Intelligence strategy of Microsoft published an article called Microsoft insists it's serious about BI with Kilimanjaro and Gemini, by Jeff Kelly. In the article, he wrote about an interview with Guy Weismantel, Microsoft's BI marketing director, where Weismantel said about the Microsoft's BI strategy. I would like to highlight some points:

Business intelligence is something that we take very seriously. We're in this to win.

Microsoft's decision to shutter PerformancePoint Server and incorporate its dashboarding capabilities in SharePoint Server would allow the company to reach more users and was not due to a lack of interest in data monitoring technology from customers.

Next year's scheduled release of SQL Server 10 and accompanying self-service BI tools, codenamed Kilimanjaro and Gemini, respectively, addresses many of Excel's BI shortcomings and demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to providing customers with robust data warehousing capabilities and easy-to-use, effective BI technology.

We can do a better job of investing in Excel as a BI tool and not just a tool that has some BI features.

Next year's new SQL Server update will incorporate technology from a number of Microsoft's acquisitions, for example, MPP technology from DATAllegro, search technology from FAST, data quality capabilities from Zoomix and MDM capabilities from Stratature.

When combined with SharePoint Server, collaboration software that can let workers share BI and analytics, Microsoft hopes to expand the use of its BI tools to non-power users throughout its customers' organizations, a concept called pervasive BI, or "BI for the masses."

By placing Excel, SQL Server and the very rapidly spreading SharePoint Server at the center of its BI strategy, Microsoft virtually guarantees its BI offering's continued adoption.

Microsoft sales agents are learning to focus on selling BI as a concept and a strategy, not just selling individual tools like SQL Server or PerformancePoint Server.

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