Monday, July 20, 2009

Business Intelligence Usability

The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) published a Technology Poster entitled Business Intelligence Usability, designed by Wayne Eckerson, director of TDWI Research at The Data Warehousing Institute.

According TDWI: "Systems theory provides a "limits to growth" archetype that we can apply to BI. It consists of two adjacent feedback loops: one that inhibits growth (a negative reinforcing cycle) and another that accelerates it (a positive reinforcing cycle). Both hinge on a condition called "business outcomes" that represents the BI solution's value to the organization.

In the world of BI, each element within the feedback loops (usability, reputation, spreadmarts, sponsorship, funding, and projects) is a leverage point that BI teams can use to alter the cycle of growth or decline. Usability is perhaps the most critical and the most challenging.

TDWI's BI Usability poster details the four main components and subcomponents that affect usability. BI teams should apply these components and practices to ensure their BI initiative remains in a positive reinforcing cycle."

The four main components and subcomponents that affect usability are:
- Analysis/Design (Roles, Requirements, BI Frameworks)
- Architecture (Data, Performance, Flexibility, Delivery)
- Change Management (Management Expectations, Marketing, Leadership)
- Support (Feedback, Training, Services, Rapid Development)

You can request a free print copy (US and Canada Only) or download a PDF version, in the TDWI website.

The following companies are sponsors of this technology poster: Bi3 Solutions, Incisive Analytics, MicroStrategy and Talend.

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