Friday, July 3, 2009

Improving Organizational Performance Management Through Pervasive Business Intelligence

The IDC published a good white paper entitled Improving Organizational Performance Management Through Pervasive Business Intelligence, sponsored by SAP Business Objects. The white paper considers that the evidence of the competitive value of business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions is growing, and the fact-based decision making is spreading throughout all organizations.

They identified five key factors that have the strongest influence on BI pervasiveness:

1 - Degree of training on the data, tools, and analytic techniques
2 - Design quality of the BI solution
3 - Prominence of data governance
4 - Non executive involvement in promoting the design and use of BI solutions
5 - Prominence of a performance management methodology

They also identified six pervasive BI indicators:

1 - Degree of internal use
2 - Degree of external use
3 - Percentage of power users
4 - Numbers of domains
5 - Data update frequency
6 - Analytical orientation

They defined a model with the relationship between the six pervasive BI indicators (dependent variables) and the five key factors leading to pervasive BI (independent variables).

The white paper can be downloaded, with free registration required.

In my opinion, Business Intelligence and Performance Management are critical during this time of tight economy, and increasingly important the companies to use BI and PM to make better decisions. In general, the organizations that are investing in BI and PM have a positive impact on their business performance.

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