Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pervasive BI: Steps to Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence

The Aberdeen Group recently conducted a research and wrote a good benchmark report, entitled Pervasive BI: Six Steps to Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence, by David Hatch, Vice President, Group Director, Technology Research of the Aberdeen Group.

In the Executive Summary of the report, they define: "Organizations are facing pressure to deliver actionable information to the enterprise that is timely and effective toward meeting business goals. This requires that companies have access to the information, the ability to combine, aggregate and integrate the information, and deliver self-service access to BI for non-technical end-users when, where, and how they need it.

Aberdeen research conducted among over 7,000 users of BI during the past 18 months has revealed that a lack of IT resources and BI skill sets has resulted in projects that are delayed, over-budget, and are often lacking the data and information necessary to meet business goals. This study, conducted among 370 business professionals, will reveal the specific methods and approaches that top-performing companies are taking to improve the pervasiveness of business intelligence access, usage, and effectiveness."

Aberdeen begins the report defining a benchmarking for the Best-in-Class. In the report, they also define a benchmarking requirements to success, and the required actions. They uses 3 key performance criteria to distinguish Best-in-Class companies: Self-Service Delivery of BI Capability, Penetration of BI Capabilities in the Company, and Time to completion of BI Projects. In the required actions, they make some specific recommendations, considering the companies must: solve data integration and modeling issues, wean users off of spreadsheets, and integrate BI within existing enterprise applications.

The report can be downloaded in the Aberdeen's site, with free registration required.

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