Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Anti-Creativity Checklist

Michael Ianni-Palarchio has a nice blog where he shares his thoughts on technology. I watched in his blog, an interesting video called The Anti-Creativity Checklist, originally published by Youngme Moon, in the section blogs of the Harvard Business Review site. She is Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, where she focuses on marketing and strategy innovation.

Youngme wrote: If you had to come up with a checklist for your organization that was guaranteed to stifle imagination, innovation, and out-of-box thinking...a checklist designed specifically for people who want nothing to do with disruptive change...what would it look like?

Michael commented: Of course, this is really telling you what NOT TO DO if you want to have innovation become a part of your organization.

In my opinion, this thought-provoking checklist has almost everything what you need if you don't want creativity, innovation and disruptive change in your organization. It is worth to watch.

My Anti-Creativity Checklist from Youngme Moon on Vimeo.

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