Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two years of blog

Exactly two years ago, I was publishing my first post in this blog. After almost 300 posts, the blog celebrates its second anniversary. When I created this blog, my original idea was to comment about books (the URL of the blog will not let me lie), mainly books reviews, but I also started to write about everything related with Business Intelligence and Performance Management, like news, articles, posts, events, new concepts, tools and products. I also started to write about others subjects intrinsically related, as Business Strategy, Management, Leadership and Innovation.

With that, although I keep reading several good books, I haven't done many book reviews in the blog. I try to mention books when I write about an article, post, or event (webinar, interview, lecture, presentation, etc) from an author. From now on I plan to do more book reviews, my main motivation to create this blog two years ago.

Many thanks to everyone who supported me!

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