Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 More Hot Trends in Business Intelligence

Trends and Outliers, the TIBCO Spotfire's Business Intelligence Blog, published today the Part Two of the update of the post 7 Hot Trends in Business Intelligence, written by me 6 months ago, entitled 2 More Hot Trends in Business Intelligence. The Part One 7 Hot Trends in Business Intelligence (An Update), was published last week.

Earlier this year, I also published a post on their blog with Business Intelligence Predictions for 2011.

Thank you to the people of Spotfire blog for the invitation to write guest posts. I am truly grateful.


Unknown said...

you put 6 urls in first two sentences. is this some kind of sarcastic search engine optimization

Marcus Borba said...

Thanks for comment in my blog. As you can notice, this post is just to comment about my guest posts, so I need to put the links to the posts and sites.

All the best,