Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beyond Big Data: Big Insights, Big Vision and Big Opportunities

Recently, I watched a good panel on Big Data, entitled Beyond Big Data: Big Insights, Big Vision and Big Opportunities, published in the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Videos YouTube channel.


According to the video description: "Organizations have mountains of data assets. They often scramble how to unlock the value of Big Data they sit on in the most optimal way so that they can get most out of it. This is an exciting time for innovative CIOs to leverage the value of Big Data by harnessing the power of Big Data platforms. CIOs have to articulate clearly the strategies for the success. This requires strategic planning and forethought.

In this panel, leading CIOs will discuss:
- Big Data Trends, Directions, Opportunities and Road Map
- Measurement/Key Metrics for the Big data project success
- Issues, Challenges dealing with Big Data: Volume, Variety and Velocity
- Efficient ways to capture and reconcile different data formats for analysis
- Cost of collecting and analyzing data, and to measure the cost weighed against the anticipated value of the outcome."

Panel Members:
Prof. Tom Davenport, Harvard Business School - Moderator
Annabelle Bexiga, TIAA-CREF
Frank Diana, TCS
Jack Norris, MapR
Keith Collins, SAS Institute
Michael Chui - Panel Opening Speaker

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