Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 Big Data Pros To Follow On Twitter

Last week, InformationWeek published an article with the 10 Big Data Pros To Follow On Twitter, written by Kevin Casey. I'm very honored to have been mentioned in the list.

According the article: "Twitter's kind of an ironic place to look for big data wisdom. It's an example of the ubiquitous services used by consumers and businesses alike that help generate this avalanche of data in the first place. Twitter has a valuable collection of big data knowledge -- if you know where to find it. Like other social platforms, Twitter can sometimes get noisy. Throw in a buzzword like "big data," and the noise can get downright cacophonous. So how do you find the information you want?"
He wrote a cool description on my Twitter's account: "Borba's active feed is a particularly good read if you're interested in how big data translates to bottom-line business -- in other words, making money. In addition to offering regular tweets on big data and analytics, Borba shares recommendations of other people to follow."

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