Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DM Review presents live Web broadcast: Everything-as-a-Service

Tomorrow, August 7th at 3PM ET, the DM Review,in its initiative called DM Radio, will provide a live web broadcast called Everything-as-a-Service.

According DMReview: "Wherever you look these days in the world of information management, the word “service” seems to appear, particularly in the domain of Software-as-a-Service. In fact, research giant IDC says there’s an emerging trend these days of “everything as a service,” noting that industry titans IBM, Microsoft, Sun, and Cisco, as well as many other smaller players, will dive feet-first into the online provisioning of services.

Tune into this episode of DM Radio to hear the experts discuss SaaS and what it means to you. We'll hear from industry stalwart Howard Dresner, a founding father of the BI industry, now an independent consultant; as well as analyst and Web 2.0 guru Mark Madsen, Principal of Third Nature; plus a special guest."

In the DM Review website, you can register for this live Web broadcast.

In my opinion, this episode of DM Radio is unmissable. First of all, SaaS and services are trends for BI. Howard Dresner is a leading voice of BI industry, and knows BI a lot. Finally, Mark Madsen is a well-know consultant focused in emerging technology and web 2.0 for BI.

You also can check out the DM Radio archives to hear previous programs with a variety of other issues.

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