Saturday, October 31, 2009

IBM Information on Demand 2009

The IBM Information on Demand 2009 happened this week (October 25 - 29 in Las Vegas). According IBM's website: "Information On Demand (IOD) is a comprehensive vision for unlocking the business value of information for competitive advantage by enabling organizations to establish and leverage trusted information to optimize business performance. Information On Demand can help you:

- Manage data over its lifecycle
- Optimize content-based operational and compliance processes
- Create, manage, govern and deliver trusted information
- Optimize business performance and organizational knowledge
- Create an Information Agenda."

Some comments about the conference:

Merv Adrian commented in his blog: "Ambuj Goyal, General Manager, led off with a powerful message: IBM has spent $12B in the last few years acquiring, building (and steadily integrating) a portfolio of analytics software, 4000 consultants, the world’s largest private team of mathematicians dedicated to predictive analytics, and partners ready to drive information-led transformation."

In an article written by Craig Stedman in Search Data Management, Mychelle Mollot, IBM's director of BI and performance management, said: "the InfoSphere and Cognos product lines both had double-digit revenue growth in this year's third quarter. Overall, business analytics sales are growing at twice the rate of transaction processing purchases. People are putting more emphasis on the improve-the-business component than on the run-the-business component," Mollot said. She also pointed to a survey of 2,500 CIOs in 78 countries that was released in September by IBM's Global Business Services unit. According to IBM, BI and analytics was the top technology cited by the surveyed CIOs in response to a question about enhancing the competitiveness of their organizations, with 83% saying it was part of their plans for doing so."

Mary Hayes Weier wrote in an Intelligent Enteprise's article: "IBM announced a new category of applications, called Content Analytics, designed to help employees more easily analyze both structured and unstructured data, such as email and blogs, plus new applications for customized for sales, talent management, and procurement analytics."

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