Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Business Transformation

Oracle published this month their Journal of Management Excellence, with the title Business Transformation. "Slowly but surely we are expanding the scope of the Journal of Management Excellence. In this issue, we discuss “business transformation”. Business transformation has many different facets, and we discuss a number of them", Frank Buytendijk said, in the Letter from the Editor. Frank also introduced the new editor Toby Hatch, who will drive the next phase of maturity for the Journal of Management Excellence.

As always, this issue has several good articles:
- Business Innovation: The CIO Perspective - Thomas Oestreich
- Re-Learning the ROPES - Kevin Narain
- Transforming Your Risk and Performance Management - Brian Gregory
- Transforming the Business for Success - Kathy Horton
- Can Value Chain Analysis lead to Business Transformation? - William Stratton
- Transforming Business Success Through the Implementation of A Performance Architecture - Jim Gurowka
- IT Complexity and Business Transformation: Turning Ideas Into Innovation - Sandeep Banerjie
- Industry Insights - Mark Conway

About the articles, Frank said: "It seems to me, looking at all the articles, that business transformation itself has transformed over the years. Gone are the days of reengineering the complete business in a big bang project style. Business transformation today is a series of smaller steps, gradually and in a controlled way leading to a new desired state. Most transformation is driven by the external world, by political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal change. These external forces change, and it is not always possible to drive them yourself. Agility is the key to successful business transformation. The goal may be clear, the grand vision may still stand, but the way is continuously reevaluated."

You can access the previous issues of the Journal of Management Excellence in the Oracle site.

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